Montreal Building A Giant Outdoor Pool At Mount Royal Lookout Is The Best Idea Ever

Swim and look over the entire city.
Montreal Building A Giant Outdoor Pool At Mount Royal Lookout Is The Best Idea Ever

Mount Royal is arguably the most prime real estate in Montreal.

This is mostly due to the fact that you just can't build anything cool there.

Mediocre Amenities:

There's a building near Beaver Lake, but that's literally just an empty shell with a bathroom and snack bar area that hasn't been open in 10 years.

There's the police stations and the horse stable, as well as a bunch of crumbling mausoleums. And then there's the Chalet.

But again, the Chalet is juts a big empty room you'll probably never rent. (Although it is available to rent for special events)

The rest of the land is reserved for hiking trails and dead people ... because, as we all know, dead people still need a good view.

What We Need:

Now, I'm not suggesting we move the cemetery, I just don't understand why we don't develop the rest of the mountain.

There are no restaurants, no bars, no ice cream shops, no terrasses, no public pools and that's just insane!

Any business that would open there would thrive and it would make Mount Royal an even more attractive tourist destination.

How awesome would it be to have a dip and a drink on the highest rooftop pool/terrasse in Montreal?

People would actually have a reason to go there other than just looking at the same view we've already seen hundreds of times.

The Lost Projects:

The city wasn't always against building things on the mountain. There are a number of projects that were either destroyed or abandoned due to lack of funds or poor timing.

Did you know Mount Royal was supposed to be the original site for Expo '67?

Imagine how awesome Montreal would be if everything on Île Sainte-Hélène was transplanted to the top of the mountain. Piknic Electronique would reach new levels of awesomeness, and a Ferris wheel would give you an unbelievable 360 view of the city.

Frederick Law Olmsted, the architect who designed the park had a plan for a "Grand Promenade" that would encircle the top of the mountain, but when Montreal actually started building the park they disregarded many of Olmstead's plans.

So it seems like Montreal has always been on a mission to make Mount Royal less amazing than it could be.

No wonder we no longer have a ski hill, or a funicular up the mountain.

But can we at the very least get a bar or something?

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