Montreal's STM Buses To Get Air Conditioning

This is way overdue.
Montreal's STM Buses To Get Air Conditioning

We've seen many changes to Montreal buses in the last two decades. The fleet of vehicles had initially been converted to hybrid buses, later adding the articulated buses. But, now the city of Montreal is beginning to test fully electrical buses.

According to the Gazette, the STM unveiled the new bus model which will be tested on route 36 in 2016. The bus will have a charging station that will only take 6 minutes to provide enough power for the bus to run the entire route.

Here comes the part we've all been waiting for, according to the STM's website, the new buses will be silent, non polluting and they will be equipped with air conditioning:

"The first line of electric buses using dynamic recharging technology, accessible to people with reduced mobility (...) These air conditioned vehicles will be propelled by 100% electric motors."

On a dirty, humid, muggy summer day, how amazing would it be to ride home on an air conditioned bus rather than the tropical rainforest of human body you're normally soaking in.

One thing's for sure, these buses can't come soon enough.

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