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Montreal Businesses With English Names Are Now Officially Fvcked

This is the last thing Montreal businesses need.
Montreal Businesses With English Names Are Now Officially Fvcked

It's official, Quebec is making amendments to the language laws... again. The changes will force all retailers to add French to their signs, even the large businesses with English trademarks such as Best Buy, Toys 'R' Us, Walmart, Chapters and Burger King. The French addition will have to be either a translation, an explanation, or a description of what the store sells.

This is pretty much the last thing we need. There are already far too many businesses leaving Quebec because the language rules here are too rigid. Instead of encouraging businesses to open up shop here, the province is creating nothing short of an obstacle-course for companies, making it as difficult and as expensive as possible.

The worst part is that none of this makes any sense. It's one thing to ask a restaurant to have menus in both languages - that's logical. But is anyone out there really that confused as to what Burger King serves, to the point where we need them to explain that they are a restaurant that serves burgers? Will they become Le Roi Hambourgeois? Will The Montreal Gazette be forced to change its name to Le Journal Gazette de Montreal?

It's not like these businesses have an English description to begin with. Perhaps it's only a matter of time before they apply these laws to companies that don't serve the public. What about companies like Ubisoft? Sure it's a made up word, but "Soft" is a little too English if you ask me. My point is, if a business doesn't mention in English what they do because the public is smart enough to figure it out on their own, then why would they have to add a description in French?

And where does it end? When you have a place named Burrito Shop, how far is too far? Sure they can change it to Restaurant Burrito Shoppe but what about the word "burrito", it's Spanish for "little donkey". I guess Couillard only has a problem with English or else they would have to change their name to Restaurant Petit âne.

The amendments are set to be in place by 2016, according to CJAD.

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