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Montreal Buys 100 New Surveillance Cameras

City spends over a million to keep watch over you.
Montreal Buys 100 New Surveillance Cameras

Photo cred - Bobby Hidy

More eyes will be watching you drive in Montreal as 100 more surveillance cameras will soon be installed to keep track of all the road happenings within the city.

Just yesterday, a contract worth $1.6 million was given to Télécommunications Grimard by the City of Montreal to set up a hundred more cameras on major traffic junctions, reports Journal Métro. The new 100 cameras will join the 215 existing traffic monitors, for a near 100% in traffic surveillance.

With more cameras in place, the City of Montreal hopes to improve traffic management (by gaining more information on road usage) and improve the response time to accidents or technological issues, like a broken traffic light.

According to the documents provided by the City of Montreal in reference to the new cameras, as referenced by Métro, Montrealers will "eventually" have access to the information recorded on the surveillance cameras, most likely only for special circumstances, like an accident.

We doubt the notion of more eyes watching drivers will truly influence any Montrealers road-etiquette, but at least if you do get into an accident, there's a higher chance for it to be caught on film, which can be a blessing or a curse depending on the circumstances.

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