Montreal Cafes Need "Being Nice Discounts" On Coffee Badly

4 other countries are already doing it, and so should we.
Montreal Cafes Need "Being Nice Discounts" On Coffee Badly

Photo cred - Peter Baker

Being polite in the mornings, before you've taken in any coffee, is a serious effort. Everyone who sees me in the morn before my daily dose of caffine knows I'm extra cunty, and I'm sure many of you can relate. Our baristas are the ones who take the brunt of it, being the only people many of us interact with prior to our morning cup of Joe, having to deal with us being caffeine-craving assholes. A "niceness discount" could remedy that situation.

A South Korean coffee chain dubbed "Angel-in-us Coffee" is trying out a new discount/charging strategy where customers are rewarded, or punished, based on how polite they are when ordering, reports WSJ. Each and every first Wednesday of the month, someone ordering coffee can get up to 50% just by saying hi to their barista and saying their name. On the other end, you could get a charged 50% more if you're an asshole about the whole thing.

Here's the breakdown of the politeness-promotion:

  • Ordering with a cold tone → 50% extra charge
  • Ordering like a civil person  → no extra charge
  • Saying please  → 20% off your drink
  • Saying hi + barista's name + happy attitude  → 50% off

According to employees of the coffee chain, the politeness discount isn't a way to get people to pay more, but rather a means to facilitate a more amicable relationship between customer and employee. And apparently almost no one even gets the extra charge for being an asshole.

France, Italy, and Poland are other nations with cafes that have installed a politeness discounts, with menu boards outlining how much you'll get charged if you ask for your beverage nicely. Check out some examples, posted on Netizen, below.

With a strong love for coffee and many independently owned-cafes, Montreal could easily adopt a politeness discount. Indy-cafes control their pricing, so they wouldn't have to worry about corporate fat cats saying "no that's crazy," and Montrealers would definitely be a bit nicer if they knew they could save some cash just by being friendly. Baristas of Montreal, having people be nice to you is only a slight mod of your menu away.