Montreal Canadiens' Brendan Gallagher's All-New $1 Million House

Normally house porn is about the house but this time it's all about the owner. 

Brendan Gallagher just treated himself to a new $1,000,000 home in the Old Port of Montreal. Not too bad of a place, but considering this a hockey player from Montreal, I kind of expected more. Yes, the place is gorgeous, but it's not exactly the epitome of luxury.

Check out what $1,000,000 can buy you in Montreal.

I half expect Habs players to live in home made of gold, with every possible hockey arcade game set around a giant playroom, with a hot-tub in the center filled with supermodels. I want to see a golf tee on the roof made for hockey pucks so you can just practice launching snapshots off the roof. I wanna see a private elevator that leads right into the apartment. Where's the Robot-Dog butler? Where's the stripper pole? Where's the giant Habs logo? And where's the entrance to the bat-cave? Is it so much to ask that our players be able to afford Bat-Caves?

Yes I know those aren't realistic expectations, but fuck that, I was hoping for at least one awesome/unusual feature.