Montreal Canadiens Carey Price Spends His Honey Moon With P.K. Subban Instead Of His Wife

Ok ok, the title may be a tad over done and misleading but only a little bit. It is true however that not 24 hours after Carey price was married to his long time girlfriend Angela Webber he was off on a plane towards Calgary along side P.K. Subban for the Hockey Canada Olympic orientation camp.

“We had planned the wedding way in advance before this was planned. It was fortunate enough that it didn’t overlap exactly. We did have a few hours of happiness before I had to take off.”

“I think you’ve got to come in here and earn the job. I think that’s the mentality. You want to be the guy that is the starter for this country. You want to be the guy to help carry the team. We all have equal opportunity and we’re all just really fortunate to be a part of this selection process.”

Needless to say we are quite happy to see Carey Price so motivated again to play hockey. We can only hope that this extra boost in desire to win and compete will transfer over to the regular season for the Montreal Canadiens and bring us home a Stanley Cup after he also brings us home a Gold Medal from Russia during the 2014 Winter Games.