Montreal Canadiens' David Desharnais Buys A $116,000 2014 Audi RS7

A great car for a great player.
Montreal Canadiens' David Desharnais Buys A $116,000 2014 Audi RS7

Photo cred - Danny Geraghty

Habs players are such big celebrities in Montreal that nearly anything they do becomes news, including buying a car, though in truth, this is a very nice car. Montreal Racing has the scoop on the latest Canadiens automobile purchase, featuring the new ride of Habs centre David Desharnais, who just got an Audi.

Heading to the Audi dealer in DDO, Desharnais left with a swanky Audi RS7. Priced at $116,000, which is well out of the price range for us plebeians, Montreal Racing points out that Desharnais' purchase is actually quite modest for a guy making $3.5 million a year. Still doesn't make us much happier, but at least Desharnais is rocking a sweet new set of wheels, so yay?

Keep your eyes peeled for any black RS7's on the road, because a Habs player may just be behind the wheel. For those car/Habs-obsessed, you can talk about Desharnais purchase at the Montreal Racing forum here.

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