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Montreal Canadiens "EGG" Line Nickname Sucks And Should Be Changed

Eggs are weak the Montreal Canadiens are not.
Montreal Canadiens "EGG" Line Nickname Sucks And Should Be Changed

Eller + Galchenyuk + Gallagher = EGG. Get it? Pretty stupid, I know. And so does Brendan Gallager, whose last name lends its first letter to the crappy nickname. He thinks it “sucks.”

With 12 points combined, this line is hot right now and Habs fans can’t help but give their most beloved players nicknames. Maurice “The Rocket” Richard. Aurèle “Little Giant” Joliat. Guy “The Flower” LaFleur. So naturally, after two games, the nickname “EGG Line” has surfaced on the Internet. But that just sounds weird and frail. It doesn’t convey the power, skill, and grace of these young players. We can do better.

So what’s a better nickname Montreal? Is it too early to even start thinking of one? Let us know in the comments below.

Source - National Post

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