Montreal Canadiens Players Gather For Final Group Shot Of The Season

Happy Birthday PK Subban!

After a crushing defeat to the Tampa Bay Lightning last night, that saw a banner season come to a sad conclusion and left man a Montrealer mourning what could have been, it's nice to see the team is at least in good spirits. PK Subban Instagrammed this shot of most of the gang earlier today while on the flight back from the Sunshine State, thanking fans for the birthday wishes and no doubt soaking up the last bitter-sweet moments spent with his teammates before everyone goes their separate ways for a much deserved vacation.

Thanks for the unforgettable season Habs, and a very Happy Birthday to you Mr. Subban!

.Merci beaucoup! Thanks to everyone for the B Day wishes. Wouldn't spend this day with any other crew! @natebeaulieu @smithpelly @brandonprust8 @CP0031 @agally94

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