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Montreal Canadiens Rank #1 For Most Expensive Beer

As if tickets weren't expensive enough.
Montreal Canadiens Rank #1 For Most Expensive Beer

Photo cred - sheep sheep

You probably already know the Habs are the most successful team in the history of the National Hockey League, winning over 25% of all Stanley Cup championships, but I bet you didn't know we can also claim the title of most expensive beer in the league. Actually, if you've ever gotten drunk at the Bell Centre before, you probably already knew that.

Well, there is some science behind this sad fact, as one dedicated reddit user decided to look into the price comparison of beer sold in arenas and generated some interesting findings. After gathering the cost of packaged Bud Light for all 30 NHL teams, the Montreal Canadiens come out as winners yet again, with a whopping $0.75 per ounce of beer, though this is the worst kind of winning.

The chart only shows price per ounce of packaged Bud Light, as it was the best way to control the data, and does not factor in service fees or tips, or variable quantities of draft beer. That said, the numbers could be applied across the board as other beers are likely to share a similar relative cost curve.

Other interesting findings pointed to the fact that of the 10 most expensive teams to buy beer from, half are Canadian, and 4 of which are Original Six teams. The Colorado Avalanche reported the lowest upfront price at $7US for 16 ounces, and the Maple Leafs rank the highest upfront price at $17.50C for 28 ounces.

At least Canadiens fans are not paying the highest ticket prices in the league (7th in 2013), but this is still a tough pill, or beer, to swallow. There is no question that catching a Habs game is an expensive affair, but it's also not that surprising. It's major league sports after all. If they manage to take the Cup this year, though it will all be worth it. #GoHabsGo


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