Montreal Canadiens Ranked #1 Pro Sports Brand In Canada

Habs are the best, but you already knew that.
Montreal Canadiens Ranked #1 Pro Sports Brand In Canada

There are some things that Montrealers just know. We know that drinking beer doesn't actually count as drinking, we know that poutine is most perfect dish ever created and of course, we know the Habs are the best. (even though some misguided individuals think that the Maple Leafs are Canada's team.)

Well here's a story that confirms at least one of those beliefs, because the Montreal Canadians have just been named the strongest professional sports brand in Canada.

Insightrix Research conducted by a survey of nearly 3,000 sports fans (evenly distributed among Canada's major cities). First they were asked to name the first team that comes to mind, they then were asked about team popularity, their level of respect, the loyalty of their fans and the condition of their arena or stadium.

And it comes as no surprise that the Montreal Canadiens are first on the list.

Here's how the rest of the country did.

1. Montreal Canadiens (of course)

2. Toronto Maple Leafs (oh, well)

3. Saskatchewan Roughriders (who?)

4. Toronto Blue Jays

5. Toronto Raptors

6. Winnipeg Jets

7. Vancouver Canucks

8. Calgary Flames

9. Ottawa Senators

10. Montreal Alouettes

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