Montreal Casino's 7 Craziest Stories That Will Make You Want To Bet A $1

The first time I ever went to the Montreal casino I won almost $400 playing Roulette. I swear, it was a total fluke of "beginner's luck." I had no idea what I was doing, I randomly put a $20 dollar chip down on the table and hoped for the best.

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As the roulette wheel came to a slow and dramatic stop, the lights and sirens at the table went off and everyone started looking right at me. I then pointed at myself and mouthed "me?" in my split-second daze. I went from totally clueless to ecstatic in under 1 second. It was such a rush! I proceeded to ask for my winnings in $20 bills and bought shots for everyone at the bar. 

Here are some WAY crazier stories of big winners at the Montreal Casino that will make you want to go down there and spend a couple dollars. 

1.  December 26th, 2017,a couple won the biggest prize at the slot machines in the history of the Montreal Casino.  They won a whopping $ 1.8 million! And they only spent $30. We can just imagine that they spent New Year's somewhere warm and romantic.

2. On the 30th of April 2017, a couple who frequented the casino for shows decided to take a chance and spend a couple bucks on a slot machine - you know, just for fun. They ended up winning 1.7 million off of $15 only! Apparently, an employee of the casino had to pinch the husband to remind him that he wasn't dreaming.

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3. In 2008 a man who was actually banned from the Casino of Montreal attempted to successfully sneak back in. With enough time to drop a couple bucks in the slot machines, the man actually ended up winning 1.1 million dollars on the slots! 

4. Last April an elderly man hit the jackpot at the Montreal Casino by winning the famous $1000-a-week-for-life slot machines. He ended up being given the option of either $1000 per week or $1 million in one-shot. He ended up choosing the 1 mil to spoil his grandson. Aww.  

5. After this story, you may want to consider celebrating your birthday at the Casino.  Last summer, a woman in her thirties decided to spoil herself on her birthday and went to the casino for the first time. She played at the "Win for Life" machines and ended up winning the best gift you can get for your 35th birthday - $ 1000 a week  -for life!

6. On June 23, 2017, a man from Laval only made 4 attempts at playing the "Winner for life" slots. After three tries, he allegedly said to himself "just one last little stroke, I work early tomorrow morning" Lucky for him, that was the best decision he made in his life!

7. This winning story actually happened just this week! Two childhood friends decided to give the slots a try. And - surprise! One of them won the million dollar jackpot! We assumed that these friends must have been REALLY close since the winner decided to share the prize with his friend who was present with him during the evening. Would you be so generous?

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