Montreal Cheese Ranked "Best In The World"

I don't know what's in the air of Montreal this 2017, but the city sure is ranking high on the amazing scale! Not only was one of Montreal's restaurants ranked most beautiful in the world, but now Montreal cheese has been ranked best in the world!

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According to Insider, Montreal ranks as the 7th best city in the world to eat cheese at and not just because of our spectacular poutines! Since Quebec is home to renowned artisanal cheesemakers, visitors can expect nothing but pure cheesy perfection when coming to the city. 

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Montreal features cow, sheep, goat, and buffalo cheese, making it THE place for interntional cheese lovers. I mean , you 'gouda' be insane if you would come to Montreal and not eat a single piece of cheese!


If you love cheese that much, then I suggest checking out one of Quebec's cheesemakers through Plaisirs Gourmets, a company that acts as the connection between the artisan cheesemaker and the merchant.

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Montreal will literally take you to cheese heaven with their cheese options that make it rank 7th as the best city in the world to eat cheese at! Hey, and if you really want to go crazy then I suggest getting that gourmet cheese and making a classy styled poutine with some fresh wine.

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