Montreal’s Chinatown Is Hosting A “Lantern Festival”

A gorgeous way to celebrate.
Montreal’s Chinatown Is Hosting A “Lantern Festival”

This year, Chinese (or Lunar) New Year is taking place on January 28.

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There are tons of ways to celebrate in the city, but chances are, going straight to Chinatown is going to offer the most authentic celebration possible.

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Last year, Montreal's Chinatown put up tons of Chinese lanterns all over the area in celebration.

This year, curious, I asked around if Chinatown was going to feature the same gorgeous lanterns.

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The response I got was that most likely, the lanterns are going to be up this year during the last weekend of the Chinese New Year festivities. So, February 11 and 12.

Another page on the city's website claims that celebrations begin three days before the start of the New Year, and extend for up to 15 days later.

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You just know that there'll be all sorts of super cool things going down in Chinatown this week, including a lion dance on January 29 at 12:30.

So make sure you keep your eyes peeled on Montreal's Chinatown between January 25 and February 12; and happy Year of the Rooster!

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