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Montreal Chosen As Top City To Build "Hyperloop" Train

Travel to Toronto in 30 minutes flat!
Montreal Chosen As Top City To Build "Hyperloop" Train

Back in March, a company called Transpod was eyeing Montreal as a possible site to built a Hyperloop train. And now the Montreal-Toronto route has been named one of the strongest candidates for the Hyperloop One route.

For those who don't know, Hyperloops are basically a mode of transportation that uses pressure to move a pod through a tube, faster than a jet. Even better, the Hyperloop doesn't create any carbon emissions because it's solar powered.  

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That means the train would run between Montreal and Toronto in under 30 minutes. It would have speed of an airplane paired with the convenience and frequency of Montreal metro system 

Montreal's STM seems to support this idea. They posted news regarding the Hyperloop on their Facebook page and they even referred to it as "the future of public transportation.

When this was first announced, Montreal was only being considered. But now we've actually made to the list of finalists

The Montreal-Toronto route has been identified as one of the strongest candidates for the Hyperloop route and the only potential route in all of Canada, so our chances are looking better and better. 

But regardless weather we are the first city to get one or not, the Transpod Company based out of Toronto estimate that they will be inaugurating the first commercial Hyperloop line in Canada by 2020

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