Montreal Christmas "Street Bells" Appear Corner Of Prince Arthur And Saint-Laurent

Photo cred - Joshua McRae

The holiday season is pretty much in full swing here in Montreal, and the Plateau is making sure every single day is filled with festive cheer and tunes with the borough's newly installed "Jingle Bell Trees." Currently set up at St. Laurent and Prince Arthur, the jingling tree cutouts will soon be seen throughout the borough and filling the Plateau with the sweet sounds of the Xmas season.

Three green tree outlines make up the holiday art installation, with bells filling up the "insides" of each cutout. Citizens are free to give the trees a light jingle, or just walk by and listen to the festive sounds emanating from the trees with every gust of winter winds. Finally, something slightly enjoyable about the season's frigid gusts.

Right now only one bell-tree is set up, right outside the Scotiabank on St. Laurent and Prince Arthur, with more planned to be installed throughout the borough. One is planned to be set up at Parc des Amériques, while location can all be seen here.

Keep up to date on the Xmas street bells project by checking out the Plateau-Mont-Royal Facebook page here.

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