Montreal City-Wide Blackout To Happen April 1st

No joke.
Montreal City-Wide Blackout To Happen April 1st

Photo cred - Lazy_Artist

No, this is not some elaborate April Fool's joke, but a seemingly legitimate call to action in protest of Hydro Quebec's proposed rate hikes set to take effect this April.

A Facebook Event, with already 54,000 people showing as attending, is inviting Quebecers to a "simple citizen's-action against the continuous price increases of Hydro Quebec," and encouraging people to turn off all their lights and shut off their breakers between 7-8pm on Wednesday April 1, 2015.

While this does seem like a powerful message to send to Quebec's energy monopoly, whether it will actually have any direct effect on Hydro's bottom line is debatable. One commenter on the event's wall is calling for Quebecer's to mobilize instead by everyone refusing to pay their bills.

Whether Hydro actually takes notice of this massive citizen blackout or not, it will at the very least, be a good thing for the environment, which is always a win. Just goes to show that we really do like to stick it to the man whenever we can.

Vive le Quebec!

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