Montreal City Worker Spotted Leaf Blowing No Leaves For Over 30 Minutes In Dorval

This is where your tax dollars are going.

Photo cred - Joshua McRae

Pension protests have put Montreal's municipal workers in the spotlight, with the whole city wondering what may happen next. City workers have already stormed City Hall, STM employees have thrown off their uniforms, and even firefighters are potentially psuedo-protesting with delayed response times. We're on board with Montreal city workers' right to protest, but we'd be much more on their side if all of said workers, you know, did actual work.

We're not saying all of Montreal's municipal workers don't do anything, or are lazy, which has been said by large chunk of Montrealers, at least in reference to STM employees. We're only make the controversial statement after seeing this Facebook post, which photographs a leaf-blowing city worker, who was apparently blowing an area with nearly no leaves present for over 30 minutes, getting money for it the entire time. Kind of ridiculous, no?

In this specific instance, it could be on the fault of the city. Maybe the leaf blower wasn't given many tasks, and simply finished all he was assigned to do with tons of time to spare. Yes, he could potentially go ask for more work, but come on, who is going to do more than they need to and get paid the same? Taking that perspective, the city is more to blame than the worker, though that probably doesn't apply to every instance of "city worker laziness."

As is the nature of Facebook, more than a few people commented with similar sentiments, commenting how similar "work" is done by municipal employees in other areas of Montreal.  No concrete proof or specific incidents were outlined, though its pretty safe to say that there's a widespread belief that Montreal city workers don't really do that much work.

No one is a fan of Bill 3, but popular support for the protest would probably be much more widespread if the citizens of Montreal actually held municipal workers in a positive light.  Would Montreal care more about the future of its municipal employees if citizens thought more highly of them? Let us know what you think.

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