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Montreal Closing Off Saint-Laurent Blvd For A Massive Free "Block Party" This Weekend

Summer isn't over yet people!! Though it may feel like it because of the weather, there's still an entire weekend left to feel those carefree vibes of summer. 

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What better way to let summer go out with a bang than a massive block party on Saint Laurent Boulevard!! 

via @evil_ways

Montreal is closing off Saint-Laurent Mural Fest-style from Sherbrooke all the way to Mont-Royal for a massive block party this weekend! This crazy event starts today, Thursday September 7th until Sunday September 10th! 

via @muralfestival

This event hasn't happened in Montreal since 2014 so you can expect them to be going all out this year!

They have some super fun things planned for us like a party in Parc des Ameriques all weekend long featuring cheap drinks and awesome music, a huge block party concert in the mural parking lot on Saturday featuring awesome food, drinks and music, and a Kids Zone with inflatable games (for adults too of course). 

via @muralfestival

This event is basically going to be a second Mural Festival of the summer so you absolutely can't miss out on the fun! All the merchants on the street will be setting up tents selling cheap clothes, food and drinks all along Saint Laurent!

via @hashemzubiedi

All of these events will be FREE for entry which is super awesome! So you basically have no excuse not to go and have a crazy time. 

Check out the Facebook event for more information. 

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