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Montreal Closing Off Sainte-Catherine Street For Huge Sidewalk Sale

Food, dancing, drinking, music, and more!
Montreal Closing Off Sainte-Catherine Street For Huge Sidewalk Sale

Friends, what is it that screams summertime to you? Is it the sunshine? The green grass? The terrasses? The sangria?

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Those things are all well and good, but for me, one of the biggest signs that summer is finally here has got to be the abundance of legit sidewalk sales. 

via @kassandra_mtl

Just like the one that's going to be taking place on Montreal's Rue Sainte-Catherine this summer.

The "Sainte-Catherine Street Celebrates" street festival/sidewalk sale is going to be happening this July 14 - 16. 

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There are going to be sales, shows, food, drinks, music, and much, much more! Sainte-Catherine Street will even be closed off between from Bleury to Guy. 

Honestly, there's nothing more fun than strolling down your favourite street as it's closed off to traffic, hunting deals and enjoying the awesome vibes.

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via @little.becca

Enjoy, friends. Enjoy!

For more information on this event, check it out on Downtown Montreal's official website right here.

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