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Montreal Clubs That Are Closed But Not Forgotten (Part 2)

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Montreal Clubs That Are Closed But Not Forgotten (Part 2)

The city is full of exclusive venues and long lines, but you can also find incognito hangouts. On any given night, you can encounter a top-tier DJ throwing down on the dance floor at a multi-level mega-club, or appearing at a random underground event.

The problem with Montreal clubs is that they can change names, decor and owners faster than Quicksilver on crystal meth. We've already listed some of the best clubs that have closed in Montreal, but you guys demanded more and we listened. For some of you this will be a nostalgic flashback and for the rest of you, here’s what you missed out on.


Club Sona was at one point in the mid 90's listed as the #1 afterhours to go to in North America. Sona had three different rooms to dance in, the first had hip-hop music, the second had more of a house sound to it, and the third was mostly techno. The crowd varied but the DJ's kept the place alive and well throughout the years. Owned by Tiga, it was the club that launched the careers of Misstress Barbara and DJ Preach. Good times Sona, may you rest in peace!


Aria was the stuff of legend with world-class bookings. Aria appeared to have spared no expense in cultivating its audio and visual dynamics. If the original concept of the club was to replicate the experience of a large rave within the confines of a more intimate nightclub experience, mission accomplished! The top floor was for reserved for hip-hop and stabbings while the downstairs hosted some of the craziest psychedelic trance parties in Montreal. The friendly staff, the intimate vibe and the cigarette girls were just a few of the reasons that made Aria a weekend staple.


Don’t expect the shallow aura of sophistication that you may find at other clubs; Groove Society was very street. People had the opportunity to bump’n’grind on two different dance-floors, sit down and chill in a separate lounge area, or relax in one of the cushioned compartments next to the wall.

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4. JET

Jet was a club that never failed to spin the best music to groove to. With a mixture of your Top 40 Hip-Hop hits and Reggae, the DJ was always on point. The crowd was mature, diverse, and always ready to bust a move.

5. 737

Club 737 was worth going to just for the views. It was all the way at the top of this building, some 40 something floors up with a view out all over Montreal. They had an elevator to take you up to the top floor where the club was located. The music, from soca, to reggae, to hip-hop, to dance was beyond amazing. Come for the music but stay for the view - it is what put this club a step above the ordinary.


This club took over the site of what used to be Kokino’s, one of the hottest clubs a few years back. Salsa was a big focus of this club, mixed with soul and house. With a superb sound and light system and over 5,000 square feet of dance floor, this club featured some of the best-known DJ's in the world.


Here, you found beats you could dance to and people actually dancing to them. The main room had a luxurious set-up comprised of long glass bars, custom designed booths and an electric ambience. The second level mezzanine provided an undisturbed view of the dance floor, with two separate lounge areas. This venue also brought in international DJs that were guaranteed to move your feet.


Who would have though that the Pepsi Form would of housed one of Montreal’s most awesome clubs. This was THE nightclub in Montreal- like every city has the flagship big club, big name DJ's, best sound system etc. This was definitely high on Montreal’s list of must-sees.

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This place was sure to impress you with its high ceilings and spacious rooms. But even with its size, you were able to find all sorts of intimate nooks if you felt like sitting back with your friends. This huge mansion consisted of three floors. The basement played hip-hop, the main floor played anything from techno, house, trip-hop to drum and base, and the top floor was a lounge that contained its own little intimate dance floor. Definitely something for everyone!

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