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8 Montreal Cocktail Bars You Can Get Turnt At With Your Friends If You're Broke AF

Gotta save your money for that 3am poutine.
8 Montreal Cocktail Bars You Can Get Turnt At With Your Friends If You're Broke AF

Summer's here, friends, which means we're probably all spending our money on trips, outings, events, and other super fun, Montreal summer things.

And that also might mean that some of us don't have the biggest drink budget. Which is sort of unfortunate for those of us who enjoy cocktails, as these alcoholic beverages tend to be a little more on the expensive side. But don't worry if you, like me, are a cocktail fiend. There are a few incredibly affordable - and fun - spots in Montreal to enjoy your favourite drinks.

1. Alexandraplatz

A photo posted by Rachel D. Dompierre (@racheldaignoo) on

6731 Avenue de l'Esplanade

If you're down to get turnt on some seriously tasty cocktails for cheap, then look no further than Alexandraplatz Bar. Situated in Montreal's Rosemont, this part-warehouse part-bar is one serious hidden gem; but, trust, it's more than worth the discovery.

And although the cheap and drinks might seem like the highlight of this spot - well, it gets better. Featuring an incredibly chill and laid-back vibe, as well as a huge terrasse that's legit the perfect spot for chilling on during the summer, Alexandraplatz is an incredibly amazing spot to get your drink on this summer.


2. Pot Masson

A photo posted by Amélie Lazure (@amelielazure) on

3141 Rue Masson

Pot Masson honestly has some of the tastiest drinks in the whole city, to be totally honest with you guys. What could possibly be better than a whole mason jar filled with raspberry vodka, triple sec, and lemonade, and then garnished with a Mr. Freeze and cotton candy?

That's right, friends, nothing in the whole world. And, the best part? You get a huge mason jar full of their awesome drinks, so you're getting a super good value for your dollar. Combine that with their laid back vibe, inexpensive food, and super chill atmospher, and you've got yourself your next fave cocktail bar.


3. Henrietta

A photo posted by Mary Holland (@missmaryholland) on

115 Avenue Laurier O

If you're a fan of cocktails, then you're going to be a huge, huge fan of Henrietta. This spot opened up not too long ago as a replacement to the well-loved Baldwin Barmacie, but it's grown to become just as awesome - and as amazing.

First of all, the cocktails here are above and beyond amazing. No drink here exceeds $15, which is some seriously good news, considering these beverages are so tasty that you're going to want to drink all. The. Drinks. An example of their beyond tasty selections? Their Millie Russel, featuring Campari, Galiano, lemon and an egg white; and their Cinq Etoiles, made with white rum, lime, mint, and more.


4. Le Mal Necessaire

A photo posted by eatdrinkmtl (@eatdrinkmtl) on

1106 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

To be totally honest with you guys, Le Mal Necessaire is one of my all-time favourite spots. It's super hidden, in the basement of a building in Montreal's Chinatown, which totally adds to its charm - plus, its incredibly fun and laid-back vibe helps out a little bit, as well.

Even though the drinks here tend to be on the inexpensive side, that's not even the best part. The best part, of course, is that they're served up in giant, hollow pineapples, making for a cocktail experience you won't soon forget.


5. Le Jockey

A photo posted by Maximilien Jean (@maximilien.jean) on

1309 Rue Saint Zotique E

This Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie bar knows what it's doing when it comes to serving up incredibly unique, fresh, and inexpensive cocktails. Honestly, if you're a true cocktail lover, you're going to want to get yourself here ASAP and try one of their mind-blowing drinks.

But although the drinks might be the main draw, once you get there, you're going to want to stay forever. It's got pretty much the most inviting and welcoming atmosphere, and although it is an incredibly awesome bar to get turnt at, it's also got a more intimate vibe as well, making it the perfect spot to bring a date, too.


6. Luwan

A photo posted by @justus_guy on

1050 Rue Clark

Luwan serves up their cocktails strong, tasty, inexpensive, and all-around awesome, making this Chinatown spot one serious go-to place for any and all true cocktail connoisseurs.

Much more than that, though, Luwan is an awesome place to go to even if cocktails aren't the name of your game. They serve up a wide array of alcohol for relatively inexpensive prices, and honestly, this bar is just straight-up fun, all thanks to super friendly staff and one seriously vibrant crowd. Friends who love getting turnt, this spot is seriously for you.


7. Chez Dallaire

A photo posted by Chez Dallaire (@chezdallaire) on

2035 Rue Wellington

Alright, this might just be the perfect bar for catching up with friends over some seriously creative and fairly priced drinks. Their cocktail (and food, too) menu is vast, offering up unique selections like the "Netflix and Chill", featuring Jim Beam, Disaronno, tea from David's Tea, chilli pepper, and more.

And their vibe? Honestly amazing. The crowd here is super fun, and the atmosphere is incredibly welcoming, but it is a little bit more of a classier place, making it the perfect spot for a celebration, to chill with your friends, or to impress a date. All the wins? You know it.


8. Uber Cafbar

A photo posted by Béatrice Girard (@gdbeatrice) on

1011 Rue Fleury E

This unassuming and seriously fun cocktail bar is situated in Montreal's Ahuntsic, so it might be a little bit of a trek for some of us - but trust me, it's well worth it. The crowd at Uber is super laid-back and all-around fun, which matches perfectly with their chill-yet-lit vibe.

And, honestly, the cocktails here are delicious AF. You're going to want to try every single drink on the menu here; which makes the fact that it's super inexpensive a serious relief, considering you'll seriously need all of these awesome drinks in your life.


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