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Montreal Company Wants To Pay You $450 To Get Drunk And Talk About Sex

Well we haven't found one of these in awhile. Another unusual job offer brought to you by the wonderful people at craigslist. Now under normal circumstances I would never recommend participating in a scientific study. But that's because they normally want you to take a bunch of pills to see whether or not it causes anal leakage.

But this study doesn't want to you to consume anything weird. All they want you to do is drink some alcohol to see what effects it has on your sexuality. We're not sure how exactly they plan on doing that though. Maybe they'll strap your dick to ruler and make you watch porn, or maybe they'll see how many drinks it takes before an ugly person becomes more attractive to you. We don't know, but that's all part of the fun! If you pass the interview, you'll be asked to take part in 4 study sessions and you'll be paid between $300 and $450.

Here's a screen shot in case the ad gets taken down. 

Check out the original Craiglist ad here.

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