Montreal Company Wants To Pay You $75 An Hour To Go On Dates

You know you're perfect for this job.
Montreal Company Wants To Pay You $75 An Hour To Go On Dates

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A company called BFE is capitalizing on new phenomenon that has been popping up in the news lately, professional boyfriends. BFE is looking for men aged 25 years or older to accompany women and men (depending on your sexual orientation) to various events such as weddings, concerts and parties.

The job pays a minimum of $75 and hour and you get to manage your own schedule. You must be mature (or at least act like it) well read and agreeable. Arrogant and conceited individuals need not apply.  All you need is a cover letter telling BFE why you'd be a good match and whatever you do, DO NOT send them naked pictures of yourself. The company insists that: "Nudes will guarantee your rejection, for the position and in life"

To be clear, this is not an escort service. There is no sex required and all candidates must have either a university degree or a some kind of professional training. You need to be in good physical condition, be a good listener and a strong communicator.

If you're interested in becoming a professional boyfriend you can apply HERE

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