Montreal's Saint-Denis Street To Be Transformed Into A Free Circus This Summer

Tightropes, trapezes, and so much more!
Montreal's Saint-Denis Street To Be Transformed Into A Free Circus This Summer

No one needs a reminder that Montreal summers can get a little zany. With so much to enjoy, the people of the city simply get a little bit crazy, in the best way. July, however, will be particularly eccentric when the Montreal Circus Festival takes over the city, particularly Saint Denis street.

Dubbed "La rue complètement cirque," a large chunk of Saint Denis, specifically between Sherbrooke and Saint Catherine, is going to become a performative playground for eleven full days. A 40-foot high trapeze, acrobatic instalments, and a legit tight-tope are among the circus-y structures to be set up, making Saint Denis street an actual big top circus tent.

The Latin Quarter's busiest stretch of street will be home to a wide array of circus performances and activations during the event, many of which will involve you, the audience member. And no doubt the professional circus performers who will take the "stage" will wow you with their immense ability and grace.

But the street-side circus won't be just for the pros; a selection of activities will be on-site for everyone to try out. Tightropes, trapezes, and other like acrobatic equipment will be open for you to try your hand (and feet) at, as will some majestic aerial silks.

Don't worry if you're not the most physically inclined or graceful either, as instructors will be on Saint Denis street to guide you through many activities. There will even be an aerial silk challenge you can take with your friends, along with a hula-hoop class lead by the city's most esteemed hula-hoopers.

Best of all: the whole event is entirely free.

La rue complètement cirque will transform Saint Denis into a circus from July 7th to 17th. For more details on the event, and the larger Montreal Circus Festival, head to the official website here.

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