Montreal Concordia University Student Is Baking 3000 Muffins To Pay For School

Food is the answer to all problems.
Montreal Concordia University Student Is Baking 3000 Muffins To Pay For School

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Living the student life isn't as easy as people think. Not only do you have to deal with overbearing professors, readings on readings, and the intensity that is exam season, you also have the ever-looming stressor that is your tuition. Unless you got mom 'n pop helping out, your education expenses will probably leave you with a pile of debt after graduation. Is there a way out of a student's inevitable financial crisis? Yes, at least for one Montreal student, and the answer is baked goods.

Rachel Chainey, a master's student at Concordia University, in hopes of covering her tuition fees, has created the Facebook project "Le 3000 mini-muffins." In three months, Chainey hopes to give some miniature muffins to all of her 1008 Facebook friends, priced at around a dollar each. If all of Chainey's friends participate, and maybe order more than one, she stands to make a few grand, enough to take a large chunk out of her tuition expenses.

You can help out Chainey too, though you'll need to get an invite from someone already in the group. All you need to do is post your order in the Facebook event group (amount, date, location) and you'll get some fairly priced mini-muffins made just for you. Chainey will even let you pick the flavour, just in case you're more of a blueberry gal than a chocolate chip lady.

Creative, dynamic, and above all, delicious, we can't help but applaud Chainey's initiative. Rather than whine about tuition, she's actually doing something about it, all while making everyone's lives better with baked goods. Truly a win-win.

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