Montreal Condo Buildings Are Already Banning Marijuana Smoking In Private Apartments

Many people are going to be asking themselves this question over the next few days and weeks: if I own my condo, how is it possible that my building can tell me where I can and can't smoke weed? 

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TL;DR Condo owners and apartment renters in Montreal may soon receive notice that pot smoking is banned in their building. Such bans are legal. Building managements across Montreal have the right to enforce rules that tenants and even owners must abide by. 

When you buy a condo, you agree to abide by the rules of the condominium building.

And bans of weed smoking will likely be popping up soon for not only Montreal's condo owners, but apartment renters as well.  

We already noticed some Montrealers turning to Reddit to ask if this is legal.

Yes – 100% it's legal for your condo to ban marijuana smoking anywhere on the building's property, even inside your unit.

A building in Griffintown was hit with this bright orange notice, and some owners are confused and not very happy.

Via reddit

The building is banning pot smoking not only inside the unit, but on private and shared balconies. 

I understand prohibitions on smoking on shared blaconies, but inside the unit and its own balcony seems quite rigid and difficult to enforce. Why even go there?

In the end, owners and tenants may ignore those rules and hope neighbors are chill and don’t bring it up to management. In the end, tenants will decide if they want to run that risk.

The good news: You can always smoke outside on the street.

Marijuana smoking in public is 100% legal in Montreal. Basically anywhere you can smoke a cigarette, you can light up a joint.

Has your building announced a ban?

More updates to come!


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