"Construction and Corruption" Board Game About Montreal Is Now Available To Buy

The goal of the game is to prolong construction for as long as possible.
"Construction and Corruption" Board Game About Montreal Is Now Available To Buy

An unusual kickstarter made splashes a few months ago. The kickstarter was for a new, Montreal-themed negotiation and worker-placement game called "Corruption and Construction." The game's main theme? To draw out construction projects for as long as possible using bribery and delays.

Met with equal parts enthusiasm and hilarity, the kickstarter quickly reached its goal. Now, you can buy "Corruption and Construction" online and in-store.

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TL;DR A Montreal-themed construction game called "Corruption and Construction" is the hilarious board game you need to spice up your board game nights. You can now buy it online and in-store.

The idea for the game was the result of a conversation between the game's creator, David Loach, and a friend.

According to Loach, "we were making jokes while we were stuck in traffic in Montreal. This was back in the summer of 2017. We played boardgames a lot and it was appealing, as well as entertaining, to just think of a 'Montreal-parody' game while we were trapped."

The aim of the game is to keep your construction site unfinished as long as possible. Players can send their workers to opposing players’ sites and finish their work instead.

The name of the game is therefore ‘screw your neighbour,’ with the added twist that the players' cash totals are secret. Each turn, players also elect a mayor, who can punish opponents and reward supporters. This is all sounding WAY too close to home.

Loach said that "since the game allows you to 'shut down' lucrative unfinished work sites of other players, bribery and extortion just happened spontaneously. Watching the testers, I was watching corruption unfold before my eyes — which was hilarious but also bit alarming I guess? "

For more info, check out this amazing trailer:

The game board is filled with art from local Quebec artists. It's available for purchase online and in the following stores:

  • Boutique de Jeux L’Abyss (Metro St Michel)
  • Valet de Coeur (Metro Mont Royal)
  • Tour de Jeux (Metro McGill et Point Claire)
  • Chez Geeks (Metro Berri-UQAM)
  • Three Kings Loot (Metro McGill)
  • Spoutnik Drummondville
  • Jeux A-Z Games Châteauguay
  • Joker Pub Ludique (Longueuil et Drummondville)

This seems like the best way to spice up a night with friends and chuckle over the miserable construction wasteland that is our city.

For more information, check out the website.

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