Montreal Construction Has Created A Rat-Infested "Dump" Downtown, According to Business Owners (Photos)

They are pleading for help.
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Montreal Construction Has Created A Rat-Infested "Dump" Downtown, According to Business Owners (Photos)

Construction in Montreal has reached a critical point.

As the city and province invest hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade infrastructure in the metropolitan area, the constant roar of construction has come to dominate the urban soundscape.

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Crews are hard at work to fix the city's aging and overburdened roads and bridges. Some neighbourhoods are also getting major facelifts as planners renovate old streetscapes.

These efforts unfortunately coincide with the single busiest month of the year in Montreal. As thousands of students return to the city and summer vacations come to an end, the city has experienced an influx of traffic and pedestrians.

These concurrent phenomena have created a nightmare scenario on one downtown street in particular: Bishop.

Store owners have long bemoaned the construction on the street. As crews work to install new vents for the metro system below, an entire segment of the dense passage has become inaccessible and blocked from street view.

While the city promised to help proprietors during the construction business lull, an explosive new social media post brings attention to the severe lack of municipal care and services on the once-popular Bishop.

Today, Jin-Sung Alain Veillette, owner of Kinoh Bar, published a lengthy condemnation of the city's negligence on the street. In its current state, Bishop, he claims, is not only killing businesses, but has become a threat to public health and safety.

Some of his anecdotes and photos are truly stunning.

Because trucks are unable to access the streetfront, garbage has accumulated along the sidewalk.

This photo is from this past winter. But you can imagine just how much worse the situation must be in the snow:

The cover that construction barricades offer has also drawn inebriated revellers, homeless people, and petty criminals, "so much so that they piss and shit in the entrances of the abandon places next to my place," Veillette writes.

In one instance, a woman was bleeding "all the way to the floor and dripping where she was walking. Yup I cleaned it and this was in the middle of the afternoon." Whether that woman was able to seek help is unclear. 

"This place is home to the mice and rats now."

People are too scared to walk down the street, he claims.

Now Veillette is literally pleading for assistance: "Please help. help. please..... help."

The city of Montreal has completed neglected this street. Officials need to be help accountable.

Read Veillette's full post below:


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