This Montreal Map Will Tell You If You're Living On A Contaminated Garbage Dump

If you don't know, you should.
This Montreal Map Will Tell You If You're Living On A Contaminated Garbage Dump

Everyone in Montreal has to deal with the ever-present fear of potholes, crumbling roads, and impossible-to-predict weather, but some have an extra worry in the mix: living on a contaminated garbage dump site.

In a report released by CBC Montreal, close to 80 contaminated sections of land were revealed across Montreal. These spots used to be garbage dumps, but now schools, parks, and residential buildings have been placed atop them, creating some serious concerns for residents.

The real kicker is, any of the Montrealers unlucky enough to live on these contaminated plots of land were completely unaware when they first moved in.

More are probably still in the dark, and aside from the potential health concerns, they could lose a fair bit of money. A house built on contaminated land will likely result in a serious depreciation of value, after all.

Unfortunately, the City of Montreal has yet to do anything to aid these Montrealers, even though it's been two years since the first batch of contaminated sites were revealed. Despite this, Montreal's mayor declared "the city needs more time," with a committee set to eventually tackle the problem.

In the meantime, many Montrealers need to live with the fact that they're living on contaminated land that used to be a garbage dump.

You can find out if your house rests on such areas by heading to CBC's interactive map here.

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