Montreal Cops Fvck Up Again, Tells Wrong Child His Mother Is Dead

Photo cred - pdepelteau

When you make a mistake at your job, someone gets the wrong drink, or email, or (very much so in my case) there's a typo. When the SPVM muck it up, the consequences are a shade more dire. Simon Pinault-Ricard and his father know this all too well.

In an article written by Rima Elkouri of La Presse, a rather dark (in kind of darkly funny) narrative is outlined, where the Montreal police force look rather inept. Let the story unfold and you'll see why.

On an ordinary Saturday in December (the 20th to be exact) Simon and his father Patrick Ricard were happily spending time at home, only to hear a foreboding ring at the door. Two SPVM officers stood in the doorway with grave looks on their face.

Entering the abode, the two Montreal police officers sat the two down, and gave them some devastating news: Lucia Pinault, Simon't mother and Patrick's ex-wife was found dead in her home. Except she wasn't.

After being devastated by the horrible news, another police officer followed up with Patrick and asked him some more details on Lucia. The detective asked Patrick about Lucia's birthday and address, only to find that both bits of info were different than the victim involved with the death case. Both then came to realize the whole thing was just a case of mistaken identity, and the two women simply shared the same name.

The two laughed about the error, and Patrick happily hung up, closing with a "no problem, honest mistake!" Well, not quite. Having his son thrown into a fit of intense depression, and believing his one-time wife was murdered or raped, Mr. Ricard was understandably in an uproar. Ricard called the police, and he got an apology, but in all honesty, a "sorry" doesn't make up for much.

If we were told a loved one was killed, only to find the whole thing was just because a few cops didn't do a proper background check, we'd be mightily pissed off too. According to the SPVM, it was just an "honest mistake," and that's supposed to be comforting? Good to know the po-po aren't purposely messing up cases and telling people their family is dead on purpose.

Only in Montreal could a story that seems like it should be an article in The Onion would be reality. Gold star SPVM, gold star.

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