Montreal Could Be First City In The World To Ban Pokémon GO

People won't know what to do with themselves.
Montreal Could Be First City In The World To Ban Pokémon GO

Just reading that headline and you have to admit that if a Pokémon GO ban were to happen anywhere in the world, it would definitely be in Montreal.

That's because we love to freak out about things in Montreal.

We choose the "topic of the week" and we lose our collective minds.

We try to pass a bunch of new laws and we act as if nothing else in the world matters. Then a couple of weeks later, nobody gives a shit anymore and we move on to the next topic.

Don't believe me? 

Remember the student protests? For awhile it was the only thing that mattered. Society practically came to a standstill, people wanted to draft new laws to make education free, and you couldn't go anywhere without seeing red squares.

Then a coppepper sprayed a girl, some students trashed a school, people were up in arms to draft new laws to regulate protests and police intervention...

And we haven't heard about it since.

Same thing happened with pit bulls.

Someone getsattacked and the immediate reaction is to ban all pit bulls.

We all started yelling, different cities started banning pit bulls...

And we haven't heard about it since.

Oh, and remember the caleches?

I've never seen Montreal collectively agree on an issue more than that of banning caleches. Pretty much the only people against it, were the caleche drivers.

So once again, we protested, and we banned caleches. Then 2 weeks later they lifted the ban...

and wehaven't heard about it since.

Starting to see a pattern yet?

Now it seems like the only thing that matters in the world is Pokémon GO.

And earlier this week someone crashed into a cop car and sent both officers to the hospital. The driver was distracted because he was chasing a Pokémon in a parking lot.


And it's not just happening here. People all over the world are walking blindly into traffic and it's only a matter of time before we have the world's first Pokémon GO related death.

That's pretty much all it would take for the game to be banned here.

That combined with the fact that our city loves to ban all the things people love. Remember Uber? Only took a couple of taxi protests for the city tried to get rid of one of the best things to happen to Montreal in years.

So we'll probably rally in the streets, get the game banned, then we'll never hear about it again.

Just like Uber, pit bulls, caleches and red squares.

And to anyone who says a Pokémon GO can't be banned, because that would be crazy, I say:

You underestimate how crazy Montreal is.

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