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Montreal Could Possibly Start Growing Large Hemp Crops

To hemp or not to hemp, that is the question, and you get to answer.
Montreal Could Possibly Start Growing Large Hemp Crops

Fifteen minutes outside Montreal rests an agricultural area with a definitive social purpose, occupied by people who wish to make a change in the world's practices of sustainable farming. Known as Valhalla Montreal, this agricultural organization is now seeking your aid in their newest initiative.

The first project of the Valhalla Movement (learn more here), Valhalla Montreal is 60 acres of land that exists as a living example of sustainable development. Right now, the Montreal group is deciding whether they should transform a portion of the land into a hemp field, with your input acting as the deciding factor.

In the video below, the Valhalla tribe is visited by a representative from Or Vert, a hemp advocacy group based in Quebec. In a few short moments, the rep outlines the benefits of growing hemp, which seem to be many.

Watch below if you're sold on the idea, and if you'd like Valhalla to start growing hemp, head to the original YouTube page to comment/like.

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