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Montreal Couple Spotted In "Questionable" Position At Sherbrooke Metro

Sometimes you just can't wait to get home.
Montreal Couple Spotted In "Questionable" Position At Sherbrooke Metro

Most couples are classy enough to wait until they get home before they start taking each other's pants off, but sometimes the ride home is just way too long and it's tough to remain patient when you've been day drinking in the sun. That's why this lady decided that a dirty staircase in Sherbrooke metro was the perfect place to... fix her boyfriend's zipper. It was probably just stuck in something because she had to take a very close look and it took her awhile to get it unstuck.

But maybe it's not fair of me to judge. Maybe they weren't doing what I think they were doing. Maybe,  he got a stain on his shirt while partying and she's removing it with a Tide Pen or something. Maybe her head was itchy and he's checking her for lice. I don't know, I'm not a detective. Perhaps you can help, what do you think they were doing?

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