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Montreal Creates All-New Reserved Bike Lane On Viau Street

Cars and bikes, side by side.
Montreal Creates All-New Reserved Bike Lane On Viau Street

Photo cred - Radio - Canada 

To alleviate traffic woes, the City of Montreal, the STM, and Vélo Québec have combined forces to create a reserved bike-bus-taxi lane on Viau street. As part of a new pilot project, the combo-lane will be around for a full year, reports CBC.

Viau street from Rosemont to Pierre-de-Coubertin (map) is the stretch in question, which totals 1.7km in total. On the right is a 1 metre-wide bike lane, while buses and taxis ride on the left, with no barriers in between.

A lack of protection between cyclists and automobiles is a little worrisome, but there are clear markings on the lane itself, which should at least keep bikers on the right side of the road. Here's what the bike-bus-taxi lane looks like, courtesy of Réal Ménard:




— Réal Ménard (@Real_Menard) August 21, 2014

Commuters and cyclists will know Viau street near the metro is a daily jam of traffic, so hopefully the reserved lane (which runs south in the morn and north in afternoon, Mon-Fri) will help get folks without their own car where they need to go.

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