Montreal Creates First-Ever "Aussie Rules" Football League

You may remember that episode from Friends where Ross tries to play rugby with some Australians and proceeds to get completely obliterated? 

It really makes you wonder if Autralian football is that much tougher than American football. Well it turns out that it is, and the hype is picking up around the world, and right here in Montreal. 

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Did you know that Montreal has it's very own "Aussie Rules" football league?

The AFL Quebec is the governing body of Australian Rules Football in Quebec. They are based out of Montreal and they have 4 leagues for Men as well as 2 Women’s Leagues.

They are by far the fastest growing and best runs league in Canada and North America.

They organize lots of matches and tournaments throughout the year, so if playing a hardcore game of football sounds like something you'd be into, you can register here

Check out AFL Quebec for more information.