Montreal Dep Clerk Tried To Steal Winning Loto‑Québec Ticket From Customer

Loto‑Québec has a policy that the retailer who sells a winning lottery ticket gets between 6-8% of the winning sum

We couldn't find is no official reason why this amount is given, but one possible reason might be to discourage the retailers from trying to steal the winning tickets. 

But I guess even that wasn't enough to discourage one dep clerk.

A few days ago, a woman named Johanne Raby took a Loto‑Québec ticket to be verified at a dep. The clerk checked the number on the ticket and noticed it was a winner. 

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But instead of telling Raby she had won, he decided he was going to steal it. Lucky for the him, he had validated the ticket by checking the numbers visually instead of scanning it into the Loto‑Québec ticket validator. 

He pocketed the ticket and told Raby she hadn't won anything, so she left. 

The clerk's plan was to forge her signature so he could claim the prize himself, but what he didn't know is that the ticket was already registered online.

A few days later, Loto‑Québec's investigators (they have those?!) tracked down Raby and told her the whole story. They also gave her the good news that she had won her choice of either a car or $50,000. 

Raby admits that she should have checked the numbers herself before handing it over to the clerk, and she also should have asked for the ticket back even though she was told she didn't win anything. 


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