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Montreal Designers Make Top Dog Couture Outfits For The Oscars

Swag in the 2015 Oscar bags.
Montreal Designers Make Top Dog Couture Outfits For The Oscars

Photo cred : La Maison Vienna Couture Canine

With the 87th Academy Awards #Oscars just around the corner (February 22nd, 2015) & the #OscarsCountdown having already begun.. Montrealers can breath an easy non-anxiety filled sigh of relief because BOOYAH we've already WON ! Not an Oscar or anything yet but a place on this years 2015 red carpet & in all the celebrity filled swag gift goodie bags.

Montreal based canine couture designers Mario Laliberté and Colin Bélanger have made a living off of creating one-of-a-kind end all be all haute couture canine creations. La Maison Vienna Couture Canine situated in the heart of the fashion capital of Canada.. Montreal is where you can find Mario and Colin currently hand making each individual trinket of canine fabric love ! So take a moment to appreciate the attention to detail and the bite out of Hollywood that Montreal is about to take a bite out of !

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