Montreal Doctors Mysteriously Disappears Leaving Behind 1500 Patients

Patients left high and dry without warning.

A downtown Montreal doctor has gone missing without warning, leaving behind 1500 disgruntled patients. The disappearance took place a few weeks ago.

Dr. Trevor Wesson's patients have been waiting, since last summer, for prescription refills and critical mammography and serology tests.

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According to the College of Physicians of Quebec (CMQ), no one is aware of the whereabouts of Dr. Wesson. He does not answer calls or e-mails.

However he, or someone with his access codes, has connected remotely several times to cancel appointments.

The CMQ has petitioned the Quebec Superior Court to block Wesson's access to his patients' medical records. Already, there is no elevator access to the floor of his downtown Novomed clinic.

The alarm was raised by disgruntled patients this fall.

However, according to the the Police Department of the City of Montreal, no Trevor Wesson has been officially listed as missing.