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Montreal Doesn't Actually Suck, You Suck

Montreal FTW!
Montreal Doesn't Actually Suck, You Suck

This morning I stumbled upon Vinny's (Success Clothing) status that got quite a reaction from the Facebook community: "It's always funny when I hear someone say 'Montreal sucks, I'm moving to Toronto, there is more money there'. There is a lot of money to be made here, maybe you're just lazy?" To my own surprise, the comments are mostly on Toronto's side... It seems that Montrealers truly believe "the 6" is a better place to be at right now. Is the grass really greener on the other side though? Let's take a look at it together.

1. Montreal has a lower cost of living than Toronto

Yes, people are, in fact, making more money in Toronto, but the cost of living is also significantly higher in the 416. If you can barely make ends meet in Montreal, what makes you think that you'll succeed in Toronto? Nonsense. The cost of real estate in Toronto is almost 100% more expensive than in Montreal, fyi.

2. Montreal is a perfect blend of Europe and America

European sophistication perfectly blends with American know how and innovation here, in Montreal. Toronto is trying so hard to be a big city like NYC, but it's still REALLY NOT quite there yet. Montreal is not trying to pretend to be anything that it's not. We have a distinct personality as a city and we're sticking to it.

3. Montreal is bilingual

So many people complain about having to speak two languages in Montreal, when it's the most beautiful thing ever. All you have to do is learn both of them and become better than other people who only speak one language. Did you know that studies show being bilingual makes you smarter and a better lover? Yeah... get your lazy ass to work.

4. Montreal has a better hockey team #sorrynotsorry

Um, hello? Our team actually won twenty four stanley cups. The last time Toronto won was 1967. Ouch!

5. Summers in Montreal are way more exciting

Montreal is so much more fun than Toronto in the summer! Just think about all the festivals we have: Just for Laughs, Jazz fest, Osheaga, Grand Prix... Montrealers are known to be more fun than Toronto people, jusk ask around. We've mastered the art of partying.

6. Montreal women are more beautiful

According to, Montreal is #8 in the Top 10 list of cities with the most beautiful women in the world. In the whole world, guys! Toronto did not make the cut.

7. Montreal has better parties

No one goes to Toronto to party. Everyone knows that Montreal is the place to go to have a good time. Bachelor or bachelorette parties? Montreal is where it's at!

8. Montreal is also more fun in the winter

We have our own mountains that allow for winter sports: skiing, sledding, tubbing, snowboarding... Toronto has no mountains, it's totally flat.

9. Montreal has more food!!!

Montreal has the largest concentration of restaurants per capita in North America. You won't struggle to find a cool place to grab a bite in Montreal. We love to eat... I'll go as far as saying - we're the best at it.

10. Montreal is a historic city


Montreal has been around for way longer than Toronto. As a consequence, Montreal has a more unique architectural style and a richer historical heritage, obviously. Montreal's Old port can easily be mistaken for a European neighborhood... you won't ever get that feeling in Toronto.

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