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Montreal Dollaramas To Become $4 Stores

The Canadian dollar better get its sh!t together.
Montreal Dollaramas To Become $4 Stores

It's no secret that everyone's favourite dollar store can sometimes price things slightly above a dollar, but as it turns out the Montreal-based store may be forced to raise it current price threshold to $4 by late next year.

The culprit of this heinous crime is two-fold. First there's the weak Canadian dollar - no surprise there. Secondly, there's the dwindling availability of cheap good from China, as they're no longer concentration on these low price levels anymore.

While the company certainly hasn't been hurting, with sales growing consistently across the country (they operate 989 stores across Canada, 72 of which opened over the past year) the price increase could hurt the consumers. I personally love Dollarama and the thought of not being able to go in there with $20 an essentially be a king is just sad.


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