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Montreal Is Secretly Helping Donald Trump Cheat The System

The infamous Trump uses the city to his advantage.
Montreal Is Secretly Helping Donald Trump Cheat The System

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump flew to Montreal, and no one even knew. Not that anyone would really be able to notice, since the prospective American presidential candidate was on the Island of Montreal for all of 40 minutes.

Still, the Trump came to Montreal, and the city inadvertently let him hop through some rules.

Butnot quite like you think.

Back in April, Trump's plane, a Cessna Citation X, was grounded by the American Federal Aviation Administration since its registration had expired, explains the New York Times.

Right after, on April 22nd, Trump transferred the ownership of said plane from one of his companies to another, with the latter only created in January. As soon as the new company got a hold of the plane, a new registration was filed to the F.A.A, and a trip to Montreal was scheduled.

The thing is, when someone files a "declaration of international operations" with a plane that's pending registration, the entire timeline is sped up. Essentially, the whole process of getting the new registration is fast-tracked.

But Trump, being the clever guy that he is, used some corporate maneuvering and Montreal's proximity to New York (with Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport being the closest international airport to NYC) to get his plane's registration officiated at a far faster pace.

So even though the F.A.A had grounded Trump's plane, the Trumpster used a loophole in their system to get the plane back in the skies in no time at all. We're going to assume this isn't Trump's first time doing this, either, so who knows how many times he's used Montreal to cheat the system.

Fortunately, Trump didn't spend much time in Montreal when enacting his sneaky scheme. NYT notes he landed at YUL at 11am on May 4th, then got prepared to take off after barely twenty minutes. Another twenty minutes later, Trump was back in the skies and head to the United States.

All in all, Trump was only physically on the island for about 40ish minutes. Of course, that's forty minutes more than anyone needed, but at least Trump didn't come into the city and make his presence (and haircut) known.

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