Montreal Drug Dealer Kidnapped By His Own Customers Then Calls Police For Help

Drugs are bad... mmkay.
Montreal Drug Dealer Kidnapped By His Own Customers Then Calls Police For Help

Photo cred - Bernard Bujold

A drug dealer calling the police for help is supremely counter-intuitive, and almost never happens, so when it does, you just know that the dealer must have been in some serious shit to ask the long arm of the law for help. Being kidnapped definitely counts, and that's exactly what went down this weekend in Montreal, reports the National Post.

On Saturday night around 8pm, one Montreal drug dealer got a very familiar request when three guys asked to grab off of him. Meeting the trio on Valmot street, the dealer was then forced into his supposed customers' car, and then they all sped away.

No exact reason as to why the dealer was kidnapped has beene released, though it was probably to steal his stash, as the three dumped the dealer off on the side of the road not too long after. The three either got his goods or found out he had nothing but the drug-request on him, and so sent him sailing.

Reeling from the experience, the drug dealer did something that definitely goes against the dealer-code and called the cops. After reporting the kidnapping, the po-po managed to apprehend the three gents on Dickson street later that night. As of today, the three (who had previous criminal records) are still being questioned, with the charges yet to be named.

And for all his troubles the dealer is actually going to face charges as well. In truth, its kind of his own fault, 'cuz if you're a guy making his living by selling drugs, you probably shouldn't be calling the police when things don't go in your favour.

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