Why Montreal Dumplings Are Bae And You Need To Eat Some At This Hidden Spot Today

The most comforting dish you could eat.
Why Montreal Dumplings Are Bae And You Need To Eat Some At This Hidden Spot Today

Honestly, it's a bit of a struggle any time someone asks me what my favourite food is, because it really depends on my mood.

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But there are two things I'm constantly, always, hands down up for eating: seafood (mostly sushi, TBH), and soup dumplings.

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I don't know why I'm so obsessed with them, but since I tried my first soup dumpling almost 6 years ago - well, I've been hooked.

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I've had the chance to try many, many, many different soup dumpling spots in the city since then. Lots of them were amazing, and I have a good rotation of favourite spots I love going to.

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But one spot that really stands out to me is actually located in the Mile End.

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HarBin Dumplings (4801 Boul. St-Laurent) is a relatively new dumpling spot in the area, having opened up last year.

Their menu is pretty awesome, not going to lie. They've got tons of different cold and hot appetizers (my fave are their pork stuffed deep fried eggplants), and a super solid variety of dumplings to choose from.

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Like beef curry or pork and coriander (my favourite); and other than beef and pork, they've also got chicken and seafood varieties to choose from.

Literally, the dumplings here are awesome every single time.

Delicious lunch with my partner @mathildedup_

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You can have them steamed, fried, or boiled. I've had them every way, but I prefer them steamed. Either way, though, they're amazing, with thick and chewy skins, the perfect amount of flavourful broth, and fresh and yummy fillings.


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It's true that I've never travelled outside of Montreal to try soup dumplings, but I know that our city usually hits the nail on the head when it comes to awesome cuisine. So, at this stage in my life, Montreal soup dumplings will forever be the standard to which I hold other dishes... and honestly, it's a difficult bar to reach.

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