Montreal Experiences Insane Tourist Season

Proof the city is actually not dying.
Montreal Experiences Insane Tourist Season

Montreal appears to be extra crowded with cars and foot traffic lately, and the good news is that it isn't being caused by all the construction.

There are actually more people in the city and that means good news for the economy.

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21% increase from United States.

13% increase from overseas.

17% increase From Germany.

7% increase from Great Britain.

4% increase from "French" Europe (France, Switzerland, Belgium).

Tourists from the United States, Europe and even China have been flocking to Montreal in droves this year. And the numbers just keep getting bigger.

The amount of American tourists crossing the border into Quebec is up 20,9%, and the best part of all this is that these stats don't even take into account all the tourism generated during The Jazzfest and the Just For Laughs Festival, because these numbers were taken from January to May.

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Tourists crossing the border from overseas is up 12,8%, and thanks to a new direct Air Canada flight from Beijing to Montreal, Chinese tourism has risen a whopping 197% since last year.

And it isn't just the entertainment industry that's benefiting, business trip numbers are way up as well with the hotel industry reporting an occupation rate of 70% this year.

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