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Montreal Family Is Traumatized After An Amazon Delivery Person Broke Into Their Home

They definitely weren't expecting for anyone to be home.
Montreal Family Is Traumatized After An Amazon Delivery Person Broke Into Their Home

Amazon is probably one of most commonly used websites not only in Montreal, but in Canada. How much easier can it be? You can basically order anything you want and if it qualifies for Amazon Prime you'll have it at your doorstep the very next day. 

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It seems simple enough and the best part is you can await the arrival of your package from the safety of your home. 

Well, that's how a Montreal couple thought it worked until earlier this week when an Amazon delivery man broke into their home, potentially putting the family with two young kids in danger.

The couple, who reside in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, were expecting a package to be delivered through Amazon Prime on Tuesday. While the woman and her toddler decided to go out for a bit, her husband and newborn baby stayed home. The woman told her husband she would be leaving the front door unlocked, since she was only going next door for a short while.

Then came persistent knocking and doorbell-ringing. As the husband put the newborn down so he could answer the door, he heard it open and then shut. He assumed it was just his wife arriving home and didn't think much of it, taking his time to get to the door.

That's when he saw a stranger standing inside his house, an Amazon Prime box thrown onto the floor. Apparently, as soon as the delivery man saw that someone was home he immediately tried to get out of the house. As if this experience couldn't get anymore weird, the photo that delivery people take to confirm your package has been delivered? In this case, the image was an indistinguishable black item that wasn't even relatively close to an Amazon box. 

The entire situation the family faced raises questions like whether or not the delivery man had ill-intent when entering the home, and if he had been hoping the house was empty so he could do a bit more than just deliver someone's package.

After the incident, the Montreal couple were completely shocked and terrified of ever ordering anything off of Amazon again. After making numerous calls to an Amazon supervisor as well as the Montreal police, the delivery man in question was fired from the company. 

Although situations like this are incredibly rare, you have to admit you don't know the person delivering your packages at all. It's safe to say ordering things to your house just got a little bit more risky.


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