Montreal Finally Introducing 47 All-New Air Conditioned STM Buses

See if your bus is on the list.
Montreal Finally Introducing 47 All-New Air Conditioned STM Buses

Well, it's been a long time coming.

And much like the city wide Wi-Fi project, we never actually believed it would happen.

But it did, and Montreal's buses are now air conditioned.

Obviously the STM can't afford to pull all the buses off the road to replace them with hybrids, so for the last two weeks, the busiest and most crowded lines and those who cater to the most tourists have been prioritized.

So far the 11 and the 747  lines have been equipped with generators that store the energy the bus spends it is breaking. That energy is then used to power the air conditioning system as well as the bus itself.

But here's the good part.

There are 23 buses in total so far with air conditioning and 24 more will be rolled out by the end of the year. Which means they will be popping up on random bus lines all over the city, so if you're lucky, the bus line you use might be next.

The air conditioning makes a huge difference. When the temperatures and humidity soared above 35°C yesterday, the interior of the bus felt like 18°C.

And I'm sure it helps with the odor as well...

Considering today might reach up to 38°C, I seriously pray that you get picked up by one of these on your way home.

And if not, at least the next time you take a bus up to Mount Royal, you can bet it'll be air conditioned.

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