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Montreal Firetruck Completely Destroys Parked Car In The Old Port

Not your standard hit and run.
Montreal Firetruck Completely Destroys Parked Car In The Old Port

Old Montreal was literally ablaze with commotion on Saturday afternoon due to the rooftop fire on the Place du Royer complex. Cop cars and firetrucks responded in kind, rushing to the site of the fire, reacting so swiftly that the building was relativley unharmed and no injuries were sustained by any Montrealer.

Montreal's Fire Department has been under fire (pun!) for delayed response times recently, though this incident proves otherwise, as the city's firefighters are still swiftly putting out fires. Perhaps in this case, Montreal's firefighters were in too much of a rush, as one car owner was made painfully aware.

Trying to reach the fire on Saturday afternoon, one Montreal Fire Department firetruck couldn't find the room to get by a police car and a civilian car parked on the other side of the street. The firetruck, in full-on emergency mode, basically said "ain't nobody got time for that" and powered through, passing right by the police cruiser and seriously damaging the front end of the random parked car.

Not a welcome surprise to find when you return to your vehicle, but at least the video below is proof a firetruck enacted the damage. This way, the owner at least has some evidence and can claim the damage wasn't self-inflicted and made for good reason, and not from some random hit-and-runner. Check it out below.

Kudos to Brianna J. Rouse for posting the video and this reddit thread for pointing it out.

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