List Of All The Montreal Boroughs That WOULD Be Safe During A Major Flood

This report proves it.
List Of All The Montreal Boroughs That WOULD Be Safe During A Major Flood

Photo Cred - Matthew Borrett

Floods aren't coming tomorrow, or even the day after tomorrow, despite what Hollywood says. But many scientists are claiming that before 2100 we're going to have serious, permanent, floods. According to professor Michel Lamothe, a specialist on glaciers at UQAM, Montreal will be a safe haven relative to other cities. Prof. Lamothe claims that Montreal is blessed with high elevation and slowly rising land. Our city will ride out the storm that's coming by 2100 as effectively as if Denis Coderre was replaced by a committee consisting of Jake Gyllenhaal, Noah, and Kevin Costner.

The pre-2100 flooding that Montreal is protected from is "1.8 metres," which is pretty small stuff on paper. But that's going to absolutely ruin a city like Vancouver's economy. Less than 40 centimetres is going to cost Vancouver a trillion dollars annually, says one study. Those 40 centimetres don't matter in a place like Montreal, where even if we get 25 metres, we'll still have the mountain, as you can see below. And yes, if you want to drown Montreal in stages, click here. To see how well Montreal will resist global warming floods, there's a google-maps mod that let's you scale up hypothetical floods.

Look at that image! That's right, those in Montreal who live near the downtown area, and especially around Mont-Royal and in the Plateau are going to be totally fine for the next hundred years. I mean, they're called "mont" royal and the "plateau" because they're high. It's refreshing to hear about our future safety being a matter of where we happen to live. Climate and geography were the culprits of the 2013 floods which cost Calgary and Toronto millions of dollars. The worst flood we had that year had nothing to do with rising water levels, or global warming. The infamous Montreal flood of 2013 was caused by a burst water-main, which is just classic Montreal, let's be honest. It means we'll be safe for the future, so long as we don't keep breaking things accidentally.

Montrealers are usually pessimistic about future weather developments, and for good reason. But Montreal is the ideal place to survive a water-apocalypse without living in the middle of nowhere. Our neighbours to the south have great cities, but Miami, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and New York are all going to need stilts by 2100. Check out this prediction for the effects of global warming-related floods by as early as 2070 in New York:

Hopefully these kinds of predictions make us more aware of our effects on the planet. It's also further proof that Montreal is the ideal place to survive all kinds of apocalypses. If we don't stop to visualize our future problems once in a while, it's hard to ever prepare for them, or take stock of what we have. But take these estimates with a grain of salt. They're predictions, not guaranteed realities, after all.

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